Friday, August 27, 2010

Local Landscapes Show Draws to a Close

It's the last week to see "Local Landscapes" by Gretchen Hatfield and Daisy Adams. The two Dover painters have captured familiar scenes which are truly bursting with hometown pride.

Hatfield's view of the Central Ave Barber Shop tips its hat to Norman Rockwell in both subject and charm... but this is really our town. Hatfield has not imagined this scene, merely encapsulated it. The same can be said of her portrait of the Dover Mounted Police and City Hall.

Adams' approach could be seen as a bit tongue-in-cheek due to some of her seemingly odd subject choices. But she truly sees beauty and present day nostalgia in the welcoming glow of Smiley's and the lure of Trophy's Wing Night. This is our home and we love it.

Hatfield: City Hall 12" x 12" acrylic on panel $60

Adams: Trophy's Wing Night acrylic on paper $55